Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Mama don't preach

As I will be on a training course for a few hours on Saturday I have been inspired by Madonna to draw up a list of dos and don'ts for the Frenchman regarding La Fille. Unlike the soon-to-be ex Mrs Ritchie I will be only a kilometer from home and not the other side of the world, but quand meme; one cannot be too careful. (Incidentally, you'd have thought a woman whose religion preaches love and peace would avoid dressing her boys in combat trousers, non?)

So far, I have come up with the following.

1) La Fille is not to spend the day in her pyjamas even if they are 100% natural fibre pyjamas.

2) If I forget or do not have time to leave out clothes please note: orange tights of any fibre whatsoever should not be matched with skirts, dresses or trousers of a fluorescent pink hue. Try turning the light on before you choose clothing. (Oh, and by the way: her clothes are in the wardrobe in her bedroom).

3) La Fille is not allowed to watch Bambi, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast or Shrek in French. If these characters were intended to speak anything other than English they would do so and not require dubbing.

4) Do not take advantage of my absence to have a sneaky cigarette next to the kitchen window. (Opening it makes no difference as the smoke blows inwards).

5) Do not say: "Oh it doesn't matter your mother's not here" if La Fille eats with her fork in her right hand.

6) You are absolutely forbidden to leave La Fille outside a public WC while you go inside for a pee.

7) If I should be delayed you will not keep La Fille up late in the evening in the erroneous belief she will give you a lie-in Sunday morning. She will wake up, as she always does, at 7am, but will be grouchy all day. You know this to be true.

8) It is your responsibility to ensure that La Fille is not photographed by either paparazzi or private detectives or the fashion police in orange tights and a red dress on her own outside a public toilet.


Stinking Billy said...

hey, paris girl, I go with every one of those commandments. I am not anti-French by any means but they all make sense to me. How publishing the list you wrote for her? ;-)

Iota said...

But what if he needs a pee? Should he take her into a gents' public toilet? It's a dilemma. I guess he'll just have to avoid drinking anything all week-end, or stay in the house all day.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand point 5 ! What's the point with holding the fork with the right hand ? She is left-handed ?

parisgirl said...

Iota, hadn't thought of that.
Anonymous, in England we are brought up to eat with fork in left hand, knife in right just in case we are one day invited to dine with the Queen. I know, it's a long shot!

Jaywalker said...

He can pee in the street like any self-respecting Frenchman! Honestly.

Parisgirl - go see what the gmail oracle says about you round at mine. It's weird, and made my best friend spit cupcake crumbs into her keyboard.

Mignon said...

I'd be pleased if Hubby took the kids. I wouldn't risk that with any demands, well except he keep them safe. Great Post. Peace

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

it's exhausting isn't it, going away and leaving The Man in charge? In my personal experience anyway...Sounds like you've covered all your bases, and that takes some thought too. Never assume anything, that's my mantra

Parisgirl said...

Jaywalker, he does it in the street when I'm around and when I'm not he goes into the public lav and leaves La Fille outside. Go figure.
Thanks Mignon and PLIT, I haven't covered all bases as that would have taken more time and blogging space than anyone would read!