Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Getting Away From It All.

Sorry for the radio silence, if anyone noticed. We were in the UK and discovered there are still places in the so-called civilised world - ie Suffolk - where you cannot always get access to the world wide web.

We spent the last few days in London where the Frenchman joined La Fille and I and during which I spent more time than I might have wished in a particular café because it was next to our hotel. We ate baguettes and croissants for breakfast and poulet breton and canard for dinner. We listened to Georges Brassens and Jacques Dutronc over red wine and coffees. We were also treated to some Charles Aznavour, which just shows how desperate it was. We were served by staff who were French (apart from one Hungarian). There were cards on the table advertising a Christmas party menu. La Fille grabbed one and said: "Oh look it's Mama and Papa." I was flattered (look at that waist) though the Frenchman said he could not remember the last time his hair was this colour or if he ever had such an angular nose. Note the Eiffel Tower in the background.

I thought: "I am in London. I have paid good money to get away from this."


Iota said...

I would just have been so flattered by the waist that I wouldn't have been worrying about anything else.

Dumdad said...

Wow, that's the spit of you Parisgirl! (Dumdad accumulates many Brownie points just before big NUJ Xmas party where Parisgirl will buy him a drink).

P.S. Welcome back, we missed you! (More Brownie points).

Jaywalker said...

Oh lord, where you in South Ken or something? I hope you managed to get the odd cup of builders tea/visit to Boots even so!

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

So you didn't fancy the 'Full English Fry Up', a cup of weak tea & soggy toast....?? How very strange!

Actually I'm with Iota, what's to worry about with a wasp waist like that!