Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Early warning

Been busy working and had no time to write a full post, but felt I should publish this photograph as a salutary warning to those buying Christmas presents for children, wherever you are.

This was given to La Fille last Christmas as part of a toy "shopping" set. The fact that it has taken me until now to notice the mistake is something else.


expateek said...

But sping water is so good for you. Besides, small children can't be trusted with that extra "r".

Dumdad said...

Like oysters, you can only drink this when there's an "r" in the month....

reporter said...

It's catching. Look at yesterday's recipe in the once august Daily Telegraph.mmm..

Iota said...

What's the mistake? It's water from that well-known resort in the Missouri Ozark Hills, Sping.

I once had a freebie toy from Verbaudet, which spoke words at my kids when they pressed buttons, V-Tech style. It had been manufactured in the Far East, and the voice spoke with such a thick accent, that a lot of it was barely comprehensible. A picture of a fish in a tank was accompanied by the question "whaaht shp is the ackahrioom?" But they merrily bashed away at the square, circle, rectangle and triangle till she said "yes, you ah corrict", and they didn't mind.

Anonymous said...

With you on this one, Billy, old son. When bloggers use the word 'solipstic' it usually means:

1.They didn't go to university.

2.They wish they had.

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

I'm going to look through my daughter's plastic food RIGHT NOW to see if I have any such bloopers myself. I love them, it always puts a Sping in my step.

parisgirl said...

Expateek, you are so ight!
Dumdad, interesting thought.
Reporter, you're right
Iota, we have a doll like that bought by mother-in-law. It says 'Mama' and 'Papa'... well sort of.
Anonymous, I know who you are and you are being disingenuous!
PLOT...another groan!