Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Take me to your Leader


Dear Compatriots; Frenchmen and Frenchwomen

2008 will be remembered as an historic year for many reasons. It was a year of trials and tribulations for many across the globe, of conflicts, of 'le crunch economique' of raised hopes and shattered dreams and other platitudes for millions of ordinary people who are not the president and do not live in a palace but whose suffering I feel personally. But most of all it was a year about me, me, me.

And it was the year I got to marry la babe Carla.

2008 was the year when certain people who had previously been heard to murmur: "France, that's somewhere in Texas n'est ce pas?", realised what a grande nation we still are. Thanks to me, me, me the land we call France is back on the world map and we can stick two fingers up to the critics who said we were nothing but cheese-eating-surrender monkeys. Thanks to me, me, me the cynics who thought we were fini, kaput, toast, drowned in a lake of second rate wine we couldn't palm off on the British, have been forced to eat their weasly words. Thanks to me, me, me and my stature on the stage mondiale they look up to us once again...especially Carla but me, me, me too when I am wearing my sacré big heels. Thanks to me, me, me La France is, yes, La France.

And do not forget, 2008 was the year I got la babe Carla.

2008 was my first full year as your president. I was also president of Europe and, if truth be known, I am president of the world entièr. It was the year I went to London and met a troll like man called Brown (who thinks he can solve the financial meltdown when his pound is worth salted cacahuètes) and his wife who was lovely but not as lovely as Carla. I also met my royal cousin La Reine Elizabeth II. Carla told me she was more important than the Pope so I should turn off my mobile phone, but as Carla was with me I didn't need it to bombard her with SMSs.

And let me remind you that in 2008 those drooling rosbifs with their stiff upper lips and afternoon tea and bowler hats and Australian wine saw that it was not that Mick or Eric or Oncle Tom Cobbley who got to marry la babe Carla but me, me, me.

In 2008 I stopped the tanks in Georgia, I saved Madame Bettancourt from those lefties in Colombia, I advised Barack; where do you think he got that 'Yes we can' from? Seems familiar, non? Remember my slogan: 'Avec Sarkozy Tout Devient Possible'. And if it wasn't for that Ehud Olmert whose name sounds like une anagramme, peace in the Middle East would have been down to me, me, me too. Still, I am planning to go there right after Carla and I have celebrated our first wedding anniversary to kick his fesses.

As we approach the fin de 2008 you may not be sorry to see it go, but me, me, me, I am not. I have been forced to pass the EU to the Eurosceptique Czechs. I did not want to but the accordian music stopped and I was told I could not unwrap any more layers. I have saved France, steering her through the choppy waters that threatened to send her to the bottom of what the English call the Channel and we call La Manche. I have saved Europe. I am ready to save the world. It's no wonder I am called "SuperSarko" I have asked my friend Karl to design me a special suit with this on the chest and underpants on the outside for when I am on le jog. Karl, whose middle name is Otto, thew up his hands and said non, non it will send the wrong message and Carla thought it would look ridicule but I don't care, me, me, me.

2008 has been a great year as far as I'm concerned. Vive Le President (that's me, me, me). Vive La France!


Henry the Dog said...

Paris Girl - Mum says that post is FANTASTIQUE. Hope you don't mind if she sends a link of it to a few of her friends. Happy New Year to you, Mr Frenchman and La Fille xx

Dumdad said...

Formidable! Excellent!

Iota said...

"Yes we can" was, I believe, from Bob Le Builder. Not you, you, you, Sarko. (But fear not, he would not be a rival to you for the affections of la babe Carla, as he is fictional, and anyway, he has Wendy.)

Very funny.

Nicol said...

Lol! That was good!

Stinking Billy said...

michelle, ma belle, I will print your excellent post and keep it on my computer desk as a sort of French Phrase Book. Erm, avez vous my mate's mess-tin?

Jaywalker said...

Bonne Année M le President de la Republique.

I will be looking foward, encore une fois, to your February appearance at the Salon de l'Agriculture, looking thoroughly fed up and gloomy as you are expected to handle livestock and being rude to farmers. It is the high point of the political calendar for me.

Cimon said...

Do you know why Superman wears such a uniform ? He made a power contest with Sarko, and the loser had to wear his knickers above his trousers.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Very good. Married into french stock I know the feeling well. Is it true THEY invented the hovercraft. It is the first thing I ever remember them telling me.

Taru said...

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