Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Speaking in Tongues.

Just over one month part time at French school and as I feared La Fille's English has gone Gallic shaped.

She knows better than to speak to me in French if she stands a hope in hell of wheedling success, but the English is coming out all over the place. Before she did not seem to have much problem with the grammar in either language. Now she appears to be translating sentences from French to English. Adverbs and possessives are particularly tricky.

"I would like absolutely for you to buy me a dog black real".

"That is the shirt blue about Papa".

Yesterday she wanted to watch Bambi (sob).

"Why do I have to watch it in English?," she said. "Because Bambi SPEAKS ENGLISH," I said my voice raising from hiss to near hysterical.

What am I saying?


Dumdad said...

"Adverts and possessives are particularly tricky."

Adverbs can be tricky as well....

parisgirl said...

Ah Dumdad, how nice to have you back. I stand corrected (and so does the blog)...no excuse for sloppy writing.

Cimon said...

We made the same conclusion with our son.

But we soon found out that what was gone (he used the verb couper instead of tallar) had come back, and even that he wanted us to tailler his meat.

So it just comes and goes...

I think you should also get prepared for your daughter embarassment when you talk to her in English when her French friends are present.

But maybe dumdad has experience to share !