Friday, 4 April 2008

What a Toad

I was watching Flushed Away again - for the nth time - with La Fille and spotted some more funny Anglo-French stereotypes. I still think the first one was funniest but these are not bad.

The bad guy The Toad calls in his mechant French cousin La Frog to help wipe out the entire underground population of rats including our hero Roddy St James of Kensington and Rita who La Frog calls "My leetle chocolat croissant".

The Toad: "Ahhh, La Frog. You're late."
La Frog: "Fashionably late my annoying English cousin. I know no other way."


The Toad rants about wiping out the rats.

La Frog: "Don't you think this obsession of yours is turning you into what we would call Le Fruitcake?"
The Toad: "You laugh at my pain?"
La Frog: "I laugh at everyone's pain but my own. I'm French."


La Frog orders his men, dressed in rubber wetsuits, to action.

La Frog: "OK men. Action."
La Frog's frogmen throw up their arms and shout: "We surrender."
La Frog: "Not that action you idiots; the Kung Fu thing"


La Frog: "You stupid English with your Yorkshire puddings and your chips and fish."

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