Friday, 11 January 2008

Five-hour lunch

I do love a good stereotype. I was watching the film Flushed Away with La Fille (who calls it the "Eeek Eeek film"). Baddie The Toad calls in his cousin Le Frog and half a dozen French henchmen to help with his dastardly plan to wipe out all the mice. Le Frog takes a mouthful of British wine and spits it out in disgust. He listens to the plan and says: "Right men, we leave immediately." A little French henchman voice pipes up: "Errr boss, what abaht lunch?" Le Frog replies: "OK, we leave in five hours." Laugh, I nearly changed the audio to see what Le Frog says the French version. (I did this with a Shrek film and I swear the unctuous French Robin Hood sounded Italian.) I was still chuckling when I recounted the Frog joke to the Frenchman. "Oui, et alors?" he said in his best so-what voice.

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