Monday, 21 April 2008

No Smoke

Just before he left Paris after six days of the 'French Experience' that included going up the Eiffel Tower, a trip on the Seine, dinner with Mickey at Disneyland and a lot of traipsing about, Eldest Boy delivered his verdict on France's capital.

a) Mad drivers
b) Lots of cigarettes
c) Even more chemists

A propos the last, he asked me why there are so many pharmacies. Since I am not about to let an 11-year-old think I do not know everything, I said: "Because the French are hypochondriacs." (I know it is a generalisation, but it is also reasonably true given the amount of mood-altering drugs they take.) He looked pensive. As I said before he is a thoughtful boy. He asked: "But why does having so many chemists make them feel better?" Then he added: "Perhaps they should just stop smoking."

So young and yet so wise.

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Cimon said...

Things are getting better : at least he did not mention dogs droppings !