Sunday, 1 June 2008

Mind the gap.

It is appropriate that I have arrived back in London just as the government launches a campaign for those worried about losing their memory who fear they may have early dementia or Alzheimer's Disease (don't ask me what the campaign is called, I've forgotten). I am worried, very worried.

I went to collect Eurostar tickets that I'd booked online. I picked up mine with no problem but couldn't retrieve the ticket I booked for the Frenchman, traveling on a later train. I queued up at the ticket office, but they could'nt find any trace of his booking either. "He's going to love this," I thought. I returned home to find the booking reference only to discover I'd booked him London-Paris-London instead of the reverse. "He really is going to love this," I panicked. It was a no-change, no-refund ticket, but I threw myself on the mercy of the Eurostar Frequent Traveller office, was given a refund and was able to book the Frenchman another ticket. Then I told everyone we were going on holiday the day after we are actually going. This lapse of memory extended to arranging to have dinner with a friend on the evening of the day we are leaving London. Thank goodness I realised before we missed the plane. Really, this isn't like me. My entire career, when I had a career, was spent jumping on and off planes and boats and trains and it's years since I've been blonde.

La Fille caught me looking worried. She asked: "What's the matter, Mama?" I said: "I think I've lost my mind." She frowned for a minute then said: "Oh. Perhaps you left it on the TGV with Charlie and Bébé and Fred."


scotty said...

Didn't I once know you?

Nicol said...

Lol! I'm sorry, I think that I have been in that same boat more then once. I think it happens more frequently once you have children. I used to be on top of things until I had my dd. Now I feel that I must write everything down and check everything multiple times.

I hope that you have a great vacation!

Marianne said...

Don't worry too much, this sounds very familiar - I think it must get worse when you have children and hundred things to think about. Which is depressing for those of us who were pretty bad to begin with! Bon voyage M

girl with the mask said...

Well you can't fault her logic!

Nora said...

Poor you to have left it on the TGV, now it will be lost forever and some bag lady will have it and abuse it with alcohol and cheap food.

maybe you can get another mind while you are in England if you watch enough BBC programs. You will develop great opinions on a number of subjects and be very English in all manner of things.

Parisgirl said...

Scotty, I'm sure you ring a bell.
Nicol, Marianne, GWTM and Nora, thank you.