Friday, 4 July 2008

Warming up the car.

Only in a London would an estate agent post this advertisement:

"Large, heated lock-up Garage available in XXXXX - excellent West End location. Will comfortably take a Rolls Royce."

Heated. Well that's a relief. Sod the homeless, we wouldn't want the car catching cold now would we?


Maggie May said...

Maybe some one could live there! Sounds top quality!

girl with the mask said...

That does actually sound posher and bigger than our house.

Anonymous said...

My Roller is cold and rusting since I left my golden postcode home in Kensington.
If you can lag pipes in winter, why can't you lag cars with poor people in winter, or even summer as our dismal temperatures require?
Trouble might me that the winos would drink the brake fluid.